Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rentals

soft serve ice cream machine rental unit

A soft serve machine from Mr Margarita Denver will make your event one your guests will remember!

The machines that we offer are the best and most reliable in the frozen dessert machine industry.

The machines that we offer are designed for use with both liquid and powder dairy soft serve mixes (both ice cream and yogurt), although we only offer the powder mix because it is supplied in dry powder form that does not require refrigeration prior to mixing with water.

The soft serve machines we offer have a 7 quart mix capacity, with 2 quarts frozen in the chamber at any one time, and provide two 3 oz. servings per minute (each serving is about the size of a small ice cream cone). Each mix makes 90 servings.

Once setup, the machine does all of the work, while your guest are free to serve themselves. You get to enjoy the party too, rather than serving ice cream!

Our machines require NO ice, NO salt and NO refrigeration. 

!!!Please make your machine reservation as early as possible before your event. AVAILABILITY FILLS UP FAST, especially for special events like birthdays and graduations!!!

Soft serve machine rental includes:


1 mix per machine (ice cream or yogurt)

mixmix 2

1 five gallon bucket for mixing


1 mixing spoon

1 utility cart (on wheels)


1 extension cord

extension cord


For soft serve ice cream or yogurt, you will need roughly 2 gallons (8 quarts) of water per mix to prepare the product for the machine. Please ensure that you have a source of water readily available to prepare the mix. Mr Margarita Denver does not provide water.

POWER REQUIREMENTS: Each soft serve machine draws 12 amps, and requires its own dedicated circuit for proper operation. Please ensure that you have a dedicated outlet available for EACH machine at your venue. The dedicated outlets can not have any other electrical devices plugged into them (no toasters, coffee makers, freezers, microwaves, etc).

Enjoy your event!!